Safeguarding patient safety and quality of care in Europe:
Good practice for off-label use of medicines
Tuesday, 27th September 2016 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Off-label use is the practice of using a medicine outside its authorised indication. It plays an important part in some medical areas, providing benefit to patients when no other treatment option is available. A clear approach on the issue is becoming increasingly urgent to avoid any unnecessary risks to patients. We would like to discuss with you and key stakeholders how to ensure that the highest standards of care are upheld in the practice of off-label prescribing. Read more

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News from ASOP EU

New scientific article aims to help simplify fake medicine terminology

4 Apr 2017

A new in depth analysis of the evolution of the descriptions applied to falsified, counterfeit and fake medicines has just been published. It aims to help clarify and simplify this hitherto controversial area. With the number of increasing illegally operating websites selling medicines across the world clear and easy to understand descriptors which will help to make public awareness raising campaigns more effective.

ASOP EU member adopts top level domain name .pharmacy

23 Mar 2017

To help ensure absolute security and recognition of a genuine fully legal online seller of medicines, the web page of the European Association of Mail Service Pharmacies (EAMSP) recently became the first in Europe to switch its Top Level Domain to .pharmacy. 

EAASM and ASOP EU to be present at the 22nd Congress of the European Association Of Hospital Pharmacists 22-24 March 2017.

10 Mar 2017

Mike Isles will be speaking on “Falsified Medicines: The Role of the Pharmacist in Raising Patient Awareness.





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